Erasmus University Rotterdam

The University

Founded in 1913, it is currently one the biggest universities of the Netherlands with a student population of 23,000 and a research community of circa 1,400. Scholars and students in seven faculties and two institutions work on global social challenges in the areas of:

  • health,
  • wealth,
  • governance,
  • culture.

The quality of research at Erasmus University named after Rotterdam-born humanist and theologian Erasmus, is reflected in its consistent top-100 position in most major universities rankings. On the lively, modern campus, students and scholars of more than 100 nationalities are constantly encouraged to develop their talents and meet their ambition.

National Coordinator


Prof. Lucas Meijs

Professor of Volunteering, Civil Society and Businesses and Professor of Strategic Philanthropy

National Team


Stephanie Maas (Erasmus University Rotterdam)


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